This is a scam -- fraudulent profiles

This is a scam -- fraudulent profiles

I just spend weeks, and far more euros than I like to think, corresponding with a supposed woman from my town, only to discover that she was a fraud. She (or rather they -- what finally suggested to me she was fake was that messages from her differed significantly in style and command of english) was very good, and kept a consistent and enticing messages flowing. I thought I was pretty smart but she/they really fooled me. It was only when I began to press for a meeting that it became clear she was fake. Looking over this correspondence, and also using google image search on many photos on this site, it's clear that this is NOT an isolated occurrence. The business model of this site is to persuade suckers like me to keep sending messages to fake women. It is clearly well-organized -- thus at least two different people were corresponding with me under the name "Mariett" (I expect this one to disappear soon). It also has to be organized by the people who run this site: they have to issue credits to the fake women, and also pay them a proportion of all the credits I buy. This can only be done by the site itself. One has to wonder at the legality of this. One also has to feel some sympathy for any genuine women who join this site -- they are swamped by the fakes.

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Slick interface (though not always functioning)

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FAKES. FRAUDS. DO NOT USE THIS SITE (or many others in Belgium/Netherlands which operate to the same model. seems different and genuine however)
The server is also prone to crash. Good thing. It would be better if it crashed forever.

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